Where is Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring located?

Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring is conveniently located at Shop 804, Cnr Main St & Murnong St, Point Cook VIC 3030. You can find us next door to Centre Management on Level 1 of C3. Enter via the doors next to Cold Rock and head upstairs to locate our tutoring centre.

Does Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring offer Holiday Programs?

Yes, we do! Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring offers a variety of holiday programs to keep students engaged and learning during breaks.

Our programs include selective exam workshops, NAPLAN test preparation, creative writing sessions, public speaking workshops, coding courses, and more. You can contact us for more information or give us a call on 03 6204 9499 to learn more about our  upcoming holiday programs. Give your child an educational boost during school breaks.

What are the class sizes at Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring?

At Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring, we prioritise personalised attention and effective learning. Therefore, we maintain small class sizes, typically ranging between 5-10 students. This intentional approach allows our dedicated and accredited teachers to provide focused tutoring, ensuring they can adapt to the individual needs of each student in the classroom. Small class sizes foster a conducive learning environment, promoting engagement and academic success.

What subjects does Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring cover for primary school students?

For primary school students, Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring covers essential subjects such as Mathematics and English.

Our experienced and accredited tutors focus on building strong foundational skills to help students excel in their academic journey.

What high school subjects does Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring offer assistance with?

For high school students, Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring provides specialised tutoring in Mathematics, English, Writing, and Science. Our dedicated tutors tailor their approach to ensure students receive targeted support in these key subjects.

Are the tutors at Pre Uni Victoria experienced and qualified?

Absolutely! Our tutors at Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring are highly qualified and experienced professionals. They undergo rigorous training and possess the necessary expertise to guide students through their academic challenges. Rest assured, your child will be in capable hands.

Is there a specific age group that Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring caters to?

Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring caters to both primary and high school students. Whether your child is in the early years of primary school or navigating the challenges of high school, our tutoring programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each age group.