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“We would like to thank the teachers at Pre Uni for all the efforts they have put towards my daughter’s success.” ~ Ramesh

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Why Pre Uni Victoria Tutoring?

Experienced Teachers

Not university students or graduates. The absolute BEST taking each and every class so that your child can get ahead.

Regular Assessments

Your child will be assessed every 5 weeks using the most advanced assessment tool in the country, and a detailed report is sent to you after every assessment.

Parent Portal

Your portal keeps you up to date with your child's progress and gives you the support you need to help your child thrive.

Book a Free Assessment & Risk-Free Trial Class Today!
Your free assessment will reveal exactly what your child’s numeracy and literacy levels are based on the new Australia-wide curriculum and which areas of Maths and English they need to improve on in order to succeed.Explore your child's strengths and challenges by completing our form below.​
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Do you have any other children you’d like to book in for an assessment?

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The leading environment for your child's
best school academic performance.

We analyse the structure and formats of various exams in order to best support your child in their academic journey. Through varied testing and tailored classroom content, your child is able to learn and prepare for the challenges of non-standardised exams giving them the best chance of gaining entry into their dream schools.

Our team of high achieving educators are among Melbourne’s finest. They undergo rigorous training before they are accepted to teach. With over twelve years experience, it is our knowledge and dedication to your child’s success that makes us different from the rest.

• Exceptional tuition & tutoring programs aimed at enhancing your child’s success.
• General tuition in Literacy, Numeracy and various other areas.
• Exam preparation for SEAL Preparation, NAPLAN Test Preparation & Selective Test Preparation.
• Constant academic results tracking.
• Only the best tutoring services and educators from the highest achieving backgrounds.

Personalised Success

NAPLAN Preparation

Want to help your child pass the NAPLAN exam with flying colours? At Pre Uni Victoria, we have a team of trusted instructors who know the NAPLAN test very well and understand the challenges of NAPLAN Test Preparation. Our courses are personalised, high-quality teaching designed for your child’s needs.

Provide your child with the greatest opportunity to excel in the NAPLAN exam. Enhance your child’s likelihood of success in the NAPLAN exam with the assistance of Pre Uni Victoria. Through our individualised approach, your child will acquire the essential skills and confidence to thrive in the NAPLAN Test and in their future academic endeavours. Select Pre Uni Victoria and grant your child the promising future they rightfully deserve.

Pre Uni Victoria - Learning Centre - Naplan Test Preparation
Pre Uni Victoria - Naplan Test Preparation, SEAL Preparation

Accelerated Learning Success

SEAL Preparation

Various schools offer Select Entry Accelerated Learning programs (SEAL) for academically gifted students in order to accelerate them through high school and reduce schooling from six years to five. Our high quality tutoring helps prepare your child in the early stages of year 5-6 in order to build a strong portfolio of academic achievement and prepare them for the competitive SEAL exam structure and interview process.

Primary & High School Tutoring


At Pre Uni Victoria, we specialise in primary school tutoring and high school tutoring specifically designed to assist students from Prep to VCE who face challenges in mathematics or seek additional enrichment. Our program places a strong emphasis on problem-solving and mathematical reasoning, two fundamental pillars of mathematics education. By focusing on these crucial aspects, we empower students to consistently arrive at accurate solutions and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

We understand the importance of mastering the core areas of the school curriculum, particularly when it comes to selective school assessments. To ensure students’ comprehensive understanding of key concepts, we go beyond regular classroom instruction by providing supplementary materials and engaging activities. These resources serve to reinforce and deepen students’ knowledge, enabling them to confidently tackle any academic challenge.

At Pre Uni Victoria, we believe in a personalised approach that acknowledges the unique needs and learning styles of each student. By tailoring our teaching methods to suit individual students, we foster a supportive environment where their confidence can flourish. This personalised approach not only promotes academic success but also empowers students to excel as they progress through different modules and subjects.

Our team of maths tutors are highly qualified and experienced educators who are committed to assisting students from Prep to VCE in accomplishing their academic objectives.

Pre Uni Victoria Critical Thinking Skills - Point Cook

Primary and High School Tutoring


Ensuring primary school students have access to supplementary resources that bolster their education and foster the development of essential skills is crucial. The saying “practice makes perfect” remains valid, and granting students opportunities to apply and utilise the knowledge they acquire in the classroom significantly increases their likelihood of achieving success.

Our English books have been meticulously designed and crafted with a singular objective: to enhance students’ reading comprehension abilities. Accompanied by the expertise of our teachers, students are guided through diverse texts, such as articles and passages, in order to achieve this goal.

Through practical techniques taught by our educators, primary school students acquire the proficiency to effectively address a variety of questions. This approach solidifies the concepts covered in class and equips students with vital skills necessary for their future endeavours.

Tailored to meet the needs of ambitious high school students, the Advanced English High School Tuition Course offers an opportunity to elevate their English skills to new heights. This specialised program focuses on mastering the intricacies of written language, enabling students to excel in their VCE exams and pave the way for academic success.

This course is for the ambitious high school students who aspire to elevate their English skills to new heights. This specialised program is meticulously crafted to empower students in mastering the art of written language, equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in their VCE exams and achieve academic success.

Expert Exam Support

Selective School Test Preparation

Pre Uni Victoria is highly experienced in delivering tests in the real format. We are committed to giving your child the right support at the right time. We have a program of mock examinations each year in English, Writing, Maths and General Ability.

Our Selective Test Tutoring will prepare your child effectively and comprehensively for the Selective High School Entrance Test with the Pre Uni Victoria Selective School Trial Test Course.

Pre Uni Victoria - Selective School Test
Pre Uni Victoria School Readiness Tutoring

Confident Kindergarten Entry

School Readiness Program

Our School Readiness and Tutoring is designed to effectively prepare children to enter Kindergarten with confidence. Positive attitudes towards learning about language will more than likely help students to experience success in school and community settings. 

Parent Testimonials

Parents And Students Love Us!

My child Alex has been attending at Pre Uni since year 3. I’m highly impressed with the role Pre Uni has played in helping Alex on his selective school test! He passed with 220 marks and made it to Penrith Selective High School. I am extremely pleased with the way the classes are conducted. My son was very eager to attend the classes. Christina - Parent

Christina Parent

Thank you Pre Uni. My son passed the selective entry test. Any areas of weakness were quickly highlighted and strategies were formed to overcome them. Our son made it to Girraween High and achieved 235 marks on the selective entry test. He gained a heap of confidence and reached his potential through your program. Anik - Parent

Anik Parent

We were delighted with the selective test results for our daughter Karima who passed with flying colours. She made it into her dream school Baulkham Hills High with 252 marks. We would like to thank the teachers at Pre Uni for all the efforts they have put towards my daughter’s success. The tutor identified her weakest areas and really focused on improving these. The mock exams crucially boosted her exam speed. Lessons were well structured but also fun so she enjoyed the classes. The resources and word lists she was given were invaluable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Ramesh - Parent

Ramesh Parent

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all the teachers of Pre Uni for an amazing job you did on my child. The lessons are highly engaging and teachers are really positive and wonderfully inspiring. Denise passed the selective school entry exam with 208 marks! Thank you so much! Marisse - Parent

Marisse Parent

Staff are very friendly and approachable. Teachers are dedicated and will constantly provide feedback to the parents regarding student's learning progress and address any concerns immediately. I can see improvements in my child's confidence in all 4 subjects within the 2 months. Will continue to enrol her with Pre Uni next term! Teresa - Parent

Teresa Parent

Excellent tuition, very professional. Management is very accommodating. They have selected very good tutors. Couldn’t be happier with Pre Uni. Adrian - Parent

Adrian Parent

Pre Uni Victoria

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